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I am Grateful - A Poem of Gratitude

I am grateful for all that was, all that is and all that will BE

I am grateful for all I am all I have and all I do

I am grateful for the sun and the moon

I am grateful for the rivers and the sea

I am grateful for the earth and the soil

grateful for all that holds and supports me

 grateful for the plants and the trees

 to the rains and the winds

 to the farmers and the bees

I am grateful to the animals and beings that roam the planet

I am grateful for my breath and my beating heart

for my strength and agility

 my intelligence and ability

 for my life and all that it entails

 for the lessons the stories and the adventures

I am grateful to be grateful for all that I see, all that I smell, and all that I taste, all that I touch and all that I know

I release all that no longer serves me, with love and with gratitude I let it go.

I make space inviting opportunity to raise me up and for all the good in my life to grow.

Many Blessings from us to you

The JointBEing

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