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How much thought have you put into your SOCKS?

 Do you ever think about why we live the way we do? Our economic systems, all our systems in general, the food we eat, and our education methods were all established by our forefathers, who were very different people at a very different time.  And yet these structures somehow still shape our daily lives!
Let's engage in a mental exploration.
What are your beliefs about socks and how we wear socks >
What  perspectives shape your beliefs about these humble yet essential garments that are worn daily by billions of people worldwide?

Must they be a matching pair? Must they match in color? length? material ?  Is there one for the right foot , and one for the left foot ? Are there designated socks for occasions and people? Work socks, sports socks, girls socks, boys socks, etc What's your approach when a pair goes missing or one sock is left without its partner?
Do you follow the manufacturer's lead? or do you alter for what you need? As sock buyers and users, do we let the maker decide how we wear our socks?

Our approach to our Socks, just like our approach to all the systems we follow and use in life, is man-made and manufactured.

 Socks are more than just foot coverings; they're a metaphor for the systems we adhere to. What if challenging sock beliefs could open doors to questioning broader life systems? what if changing our sock habits could inspire a shift in our worldview?

remember some socks become sock puppets.

 Let's challenge our perspectives. Let’s change our world.    Share your ideas! Lost socks and lost beliefs

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