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Core Alchemy

Updated: May 26, 2023

the all seeing eye in alignment

In the depths of our being, a strength resides,

A foundation, a center where power abides.

It's the core, a sanctuary of unwavering might,

Where balance and resilience intertwine, taking flight.

Like a tree rooted deep in the earth's embrace,

The core anchors our body, a steadfast base.

With each breath, it pulses, a flame burning bright,

Igniting our spirit, guiding us through the fight.

Oh, the core, a sculptor of grace and poise,

It fuels our movements, a symphony of joys.

With every twist, bend, and warrior's pose,

It awakens our muscles, unleashing what grows.

Beyond the washboard abs and chiseled form,

The core teaches lessons that go beyond the norm.

It reminds us of focus, of discipline and will,

Of finding our center, even amidst the uphill.

For when we connect to this core within,

We tap into potential, the ability to win.

With every challenge, we rise and restore,

Drawing strength from the core, forevermore.

So let us honor this sacred space,

With exercises that embrace its grace.

Nurture your core, let its power unfurl,

And discover the magic that lies in your core's world.

In body and spirit, let us unite,

Harnessing the core's energy, burning bright.

Embrace its wisdom, let it guide your way,

For the core is where strength and resilience lay.

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